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E-shop terms of use

Brief description of the purchase process

Quick and easy product selection and completing the purchase.

The quickest and easiest way is to use the tire searching tool found on the home page of fs.ee. Insert the suitable tire size; choose from the top which season tire you are searching for (summer/winter). In the search result you will find our full selection for the desired size. In addition, you can use our detailed search or search by brand and model.

Choose the best option by clicking on the product, this will give you a detailed view, if the product suits you, add it to the shopping cart. By default, the purchased amount of tires is four (4), you can change the amount before adding the products to the shopping cart.

Delivery fee for 1-3 tires is 6.00€, for 4 or more tires delivery is free (Estonia). Delivery fee to other countries, will be displayed in your cart, after the address is entered.

See the shopping cart and make sure that the order is suitable for you. Read and accept the conditions of purchase. Choose the suitable delivery method. Choose the suitable method of payment:

  • Web bank (Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV)
  • Credit card payment (Visa/Mastercard)

After completing the payment, we will send you an order confirmation and start the delivery process chosen by the customer.

For additional information, please contact us by e-mail at fs@fs.ee or phone +372 617 7350.

The price of goods

All the prices displayed on fs.ee e-shop page are in Euros and include 20% VAT. FS teenused OÜ keeps the right to change the prices of tires and services without advance notice. Prices shown in fs.ee e-shop are only valid for tires ordered from the e-shop.

Utilization fee

Utilization fee is included in every tire on sold in fs.ee e-shop. FS Teenused OÜ is a member of a producer responsibility organization MTÜ Eesti Rehviliit (Estonian tire organization).

Since January 1st 2006 every tire sold in Estonian Republic has a product liability obligation, which means, manufacturer/ importer/ wholesaler or retailer has an obligation to ensure the collection and disposal of the tires they have sold. Collection points accept used tires for free from individuals, maintenance firms and tire firms that have a contract with an Estonian Tire Union. Find collection point list and more information from Estonian Tire Union home page.

Paying for the goods

When paying in fs.ee e-shop you can use your Web-bank (Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV) or a credit card (Visa/ Mastercard).

Product delivery/ delivery time

The most comfortable way to receive a product purchased from fs.ee e-shop is to order them to one of the FS partnert servies closest to you. At the service you can ask them to fit the purchased tires. Tires ordered to a FS service will be transported for free.

Delivering to an address other that mentioned above, we use services of our logistics partners.

Delivery fee for 1-3 tires is 6.00€, for 4 or more tires delivery is free (Estonia). Delivery fee to other countries, will be displayed in your cart, after the address is entered.

All the prices include 20% VAT.

The purchased goods will be delivered within 3 working days.

Return of Goods

A client had the right to return purchased goods bought from fs.ee e-shop within 14 days after receiving the products. When returning goods, the client has to pay delivery fees up to ten (10) euros, except when the received goods do not correspond to the order. FS teenused OÜ offers free exchange of goods that do not correspond to the exhibited products on fs.ee e-shop. Returned tires must be unused, that means, the tires cannot be driven with or mounted on the wheel and/or dismounted.

Sales warranty

All the tires sold in fs.ee e-shop have a sales warranty for two (2) years by the tire manufacturer. The warrantor is FS Teenused OÜ, at Lennujaama tee 5, 11415 Tallinn. Sales warranty covers the faults in product material and the production process.

The warranty does not cover the following defects:

  • tire damages that have occurred due to poor road conditions (pothole, curbstone etc.)
  • tires that have been used over the pattern of endurance
  • tire damage resulting from an accident (car accident, fire damage etc.)
  • tire damage caused by its improper use (incorrect tire pressure, toe in/out, imbalanced tires, overload, nailing, racing etc.)
  • repaired and/ or retreaded tires

Warranty case handling is based on the purchase invoice. Client has to send the invoice, description of problem and their contact information to FS teenused OÜ e-mail address fs@fs.ee. The client will be contacted by our representative within two to three (2-3) working days in order to specify the circumstances and details.

Examination of defective products will be made to explain whether or not it is covered by warranty. If the examination proves a fault in the product material or manufacturing, the product will be replaced with a new one or compensated financially. FS Teenused OÜ mediates the warranty process between the customer and the manufacturer.


Confidentiality of customer data learned during the use of fs.ee e-shop is guaranteed by FS Teenused OÜ. FS Teenused OÜ does not share information with third parties.