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Car Maintenance

Best way to prevent unexpected high costs is regular maintenance: 

  • scheduled replacement of liquids and filters,
  • drivetrain check-up,
  • axle adjustment/ wheel alignment,
  • engine diagnostics if necessary.

Getting your vehicle checked regularly will prevent its frequent breakdowns and unexpected high cost repairs that can follow.

Depending on the vehicle, it is important to take it to service according to manufacturer’s predescriptions – every 10-, 15-, 20- or 30 thousand kilometers of its kilometrage. If you want your vehicle to serve you long and carefree, there’s only one rule- regular maintenence.

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Regular maintenance

The main cause of engine failure is infrequent oil change. Engine oil change is always cheaper than engine repair. Responsible car owner changes engine oil not later than every 15 thousand km driven.

Of course, maintenance does not consist of oil change only. All the relevant joints and parts will be checked and replaced according to manufacturer’s regulations or necessity, i.e. brake pads, filters, belts, axle details, etc.

Because of the poor condition of Estonian roads, it is recommended to let the axles to be adjusted on a axle alignment machine. We perform wheel alignment on an up-to-date 3D axle stand. We use Castrol lubricants at competitive price and spare parts from the largest and most well-known manufacturers.

To ensure that everything necessary gets done, please contact our hardworking team. We do our best to get your car to drive a lot of carefree kilometers.

Service price list

Oil change (engine- if you buy oil and filter from us, the service is free) 0 €*
Oil change (manual transmission/ transfer case/ axle) 25 €*
Automatic transmission oil change (depends on make & model) from: 35 €*
Car Maintenance and repair works 39 €/h
Diagnostics 45 €
Air conditioning inspection and filling 75 €**
Chassis checkup 21 €
Wheel alignment on a 3D stand (front and/or rear axle) – car 45 €***
Wheel alignment on a 3D stand (front and/or rear axle) – SUV/van 55 €***
Electrical works 45 €/h
Pre buy car inspection and diagnostics 39 €
Welding 45 €/h
Alloy wheel repair from 45 €
Alloy wheel paintjob from 45 €

*price applies only if oil and filters are bought from our service. Additional 19€ will be charged when using clients oil and filters.

** up to 800g of R134a gas is included in the price, each additional 100g adds 6€

*** for more complex vehicles, an additional labour charge may be added

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